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Drag Racing inChristchurch NZ

Concrete PadsBuy one now!

Contact the club regarding your own concrete pad and reserve your spot forever, very affordable and the club has a good deal for you but we need you to enquire now

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NEXT MEETING28th January (SUN)

All cars & bikes welcome including Street Machines as long as you have a current WOF, REGO or current log book. Put the Pedal to the Metal and smoke up the bags!

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Help UsWe need you!

PBDRC Needs your HELP to make the drag racing days enjoyable for everyone, If you want to have some fun and enjoy the drag racing scene then contact the club or pop up to the tower on race day and introducew yourself.

Track Records

Smokers ReadSmoking permitted

Smoking on the track is permitted as long as it's your tires!! Bring your Weekender, daily or whatever and smoke it, Road cars require current WOF and Rego or else be Tech Inspected(see contact page). The rules are simple,

The Rules

IHRA - NZDRA Announcement

Special Mention
Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club is run by volunteers who work hard to make these meetings happen, if you wish to become a volunteer then please ask one of the friendly staff or contact them via this website.

Without the staff the club would not be able to run these events and without your support the club would not be able to hire the track and safety services. Supporting the club helps support the local drag racing community!

Drag racing should only be done with the safety services ready to jump into action! Street racers endanger lives and PBDRC offer everyone a chance to race here!

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