Welcome to the History of Pegasus Bay Drag Racing
This page is still being made so although most items should be working please be patient as it develops and as people add bits to it, and on that note if you can add some comments and maybe a storyline to this part of the website then you are welcome to contact the webmaster.

Thankyou to the Tolhurst family who have spent a considerable amount of time scanning old photos to turn them into digital format, I then split them, resized them and enhanced them for the website. Nick Hay before his sudden departure also donated some photos from his vast collection which I scanned and sized for these pages.

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Archived Video footage taken by club members
Many thanks for allowing us to post these as I am sure it will bring back some memories and will show some us, me included the history behind the club. If you wish to donate more old footage please contact the webmaster as I will come to your place if needed to get it but I can only convert VHS to DVD or DVD to PC. Please share your past with the club. Thanks Graham.